About us

We strategize to bring a synergy between ideation and application of technology which enables businesses to execute the delivery of an enhanced value proposition for both internal and external customers

Sygmia is geared to create value for clients leveraging winning strategies from demystifying performance currency, to communicating across the organization and building relationships. No cookie cutter templates for us, we support you through the process in creating and implementing that special strategy tailored for your set of variables and enhance shareholder value nurtured in a safe investment environment with large measures of potential for growth. In today’s ever-changing business-scape, we simultaneously endeavor to integrate technology as the enabler in our solutions to propel businesses across the growth stratosphere. Dubai serves as our headquarters and provides oversight to our operational satellite offices throughout the region, whether it be in our facility or in one of our customer’s project sites. Our principles as a company are based on an ethos for customer service and we to strive to provide our customers the support they need as they execute their projects. The value propositions we offer are proven and cost-effective for getting what’s needed, when it’s needed, to some of the most challenging environments in the world.