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Height Adjustable Ergonomic Desk Manufacturer and Supplier in Dubai

Office Concept Furniture is the leading manufacturer and supplier of height-adjustable executive desks in Dubai. Select us to get exclusive options in height-adjustable desks. All our designs come with the most attractive looks. By choosing us you can get the highest quality of height-adjustable desks that are durable and manufactured using premium furniture. Designed using top-quality material and exclusive height adjustable features, we promise to provide you with the most desirable collection.   Height adjustable desks not only add an aesthetic look to your office space but make your workspace more agile and comfortable. The presence of height-adjustable desks not only enables us to be more efficient and productive but also regulates our blood circulation which is highly important for good health. Another advantage of standing desks is that spending your time on these desks helps you to burn more calories throughout the day. If used correctly, these desks encourage movement and bring more attraction among colleagues and the entire staff.   Not only can you buy our ergonomic desk online but you can also get our adjustable desks in Al AinFujairahRas Al KhaimahAbu DhabiAjmanSharjahUmm Al Quwain, and all over UAE. Add life to your office space and maintain the health of employees with our smartly designed height adjustable executive desk. Our office desks are everything you are looking for. We always put forward our customers first and always prioritize the satisfaction of our customers. Please get in touch with us to get the best height-adjustable desks. Height Adjustable Desk is an elegant solution, height-adjustability and collaborative working are combined and improved your workstation so that individuals may sit or stand comfortably and adjust their position according to their activity. Innovative acoustic panels, cabinets, and collaboration features create a unique dual motor design. Max series workstations with various accessories, storage, and screen panel options are available in Dubai. Ergonomic Sit-Stand Office Desk in Dubai with Memory Master Control function and electrical height adjustment mechanism. Easy to use and stylish design

Types of Height adjustable desks:

Max Series L-Shape Height Adjustable Desk with Three Motors. Max series L-Shape height adjustable desk comes with 3x motorized legs with electrical control standing desk. With the touch of a bottom, you may switch between preset settings on the innovative digital memory keypad, which saves up to 2x heights. The actual height of the desk is also displayed on a small digital panel. Synchronous low noise, triple motor for smooth lifting. Legs with three stages and a height limit of 130cm. Max Series Intelligent Height Adjustable Desk with Wi-Motion Smartphone Controlling. Max Series Dual Motor Smart with Anti-Collision Sensor allows you to adjust your ergonomic workstations quicker and easier while tracking and estimating the calories consumed. You may use Bluetooth to regulate the desk's height using your smartphone. Included is a snake-shaped cable organizer. Standing Desks Max Pro Series L-Shape Dual Motor Electric Height adjustable desk & Standing desk with electrical control, a side cabinet, and two handleless drawers. Wi-Motion Bluetooth® enables and made anti-collision sensor. The digitized memory pad retains up to two heights, allowing you to switch among fixed positions with the tap of a finger or through the mobile app. The current height of the desk is also displayed on a small digital panel. Dual engine for easy lifting and reduced noise synchronization. Legs with three stages and a maximum height of 130cm. A snake provides upward wire control.

Tilt Max Series Height Adjustable Desk

Electric Height Adjustable desk Dual Motor with Tilt Function The advanced digital memory keypad remembers up to four heights and allows you to switch between them with the touch of a finger. The current height of the desk is also displayed on a small digital panel. Dual motor for smooth lifting and low noise synchronization Legs is designed in two stages, with a maximum height of 115cm.

Materials for the height adjustable desk

Screen Panel Options Height adjustable desk is made up of PET Felt and acoustic foam provides excellent sound absorption characteristics. Increasing the user's attention, attention, and rest. PET Felt and acoustic foam provide excellent sound absorption characteristics. They are increasing the user's attention, concentration, and rest. PET Felt, a novel form of felt manufactured using polymer pressure mold, was created in response to the environmental environment and sustainable quality standards in current home decor. This material is made of recycled PET bottles, has a soft feel, yet is sturdy, resilient, and has excellent acoustic properties. Varieties: -Fabric Wrapped Felt -PET Acoustic Panels -Acrylic Screen Panel -MDF/Chipboard Screen Panel

Egger Eurodekor Collection

The height adjustable desk is made up of Egger Worksurface Series complementing the most recent color trends in innovative workstation design. Uniquely situated and constructed to give a unified appearance. To bring your room to life, you'll find rustic and traditional woodgrains, cool stones, urban finishes, and experienced design thinking. Varieties: -H1146 Gray Bardolino Oak -H3006 Sand Zebrano -H3310 White Nautic Oak -H1199 Black Brown Thermo Oak -H3012 Coco Bolo -U999 Black -F447 Lava Gray Metallic -H3302 Brown Nautic Oak -F187Dark Gray Chicago Concrete

PerfectSense Matt

Height adjustable Desk uses Matt distinguishes itself among wood treatments due to its outstanding durability. Its anti-fingerprint feature prevents unattractive fingerprints from appearing on surfaces and significantly decreases the necessary cleaning quantity. The stylish, soft, and velvety pattern begs to be touched and offers a feel-good vibe. Stain resistance, Shape with little cutting waste, and Cleaning effort is minimal. Varieties: -Premium White w1000 -Light Grey u706 -cashmere Gray U702 -Ston Gray U727 -Black U999

Partitions Color Options

We use Acoustic Screen Panels with Textured Design in height adjustable desk. The substance and irregular surfaces are noise. Combine panels of varying lengths to create customized space separation on the tableside—pin-able surface for family photographs, motivation, and to-do lists. The PET Screen Panel provides seclusion and quiet in an open workplace setting. The unique technology dampens sound and expands personal space when used in the face-to-face position on Series Screen. Varieties: -A39 Green -34 Gray -18 Orange -28 Pink -10 Black -8 Sky -25 Navy -15 Red

The pros of the adjustable table

Enhances general health Height adjustable desk have been shown to provide several health advantages. The year-long research "Stand Up to Work," the first longitudinal investigation investigating the impact of adopting sit-stand desks, stands out.

Height Adjustable Desk Enhances efficiency

Staying in one posture for long periods might cause brain activity to slow down, making us less productive. Alternating between sitting and standing, on the other hand, engages your body's major muscle groups, increasing the blood supply to the brain. Workers who use sit-stand workstations report feeling more energized and less tired, making them more productive.

The ideal height of Height Adjustable Desk:

Workplace design increasingly concentrates on designing places that allow employees to choose how and where they wish to work. Trends in office furniture have fallen in line. We currently have comprehensive control over workplace sitting, including the ability to alter chair height, arm height, and lower back. A height adjustable desk give the desired height to your employee to work in an easy environment

Encourages a dynamic, flexible workplace

workstations contribute to the emergence of agile working by fostering a more dynamic and collaborative atmosphere. Increased standing and mobility in work may lead to more communication and participation. Height adjustable Desk are an essential part of an office setup mostly for creative people whose ideas come with freedom from being tied to a monotonous workstation. We at Office Concept understand this importance and thus have a wide collection of height adjustable Desk with us. Fulfilling the need of our respectable clients across the UAE with various types of custom-made designs – we deliver the best solution for your creative team and office alike!!